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Leak Sealing

TopFlight Mechanical Services avoid economic losses resulting from shutdown of operations with the Leak Sealing Technology of valves, pipes and flanges

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Field Machining

The Field Machining capabilities that TopFlight Mechanical Services can offer, will not only save you time for not having to send to a repair facility but will also save you money and put you back in service quicker.  

Valve Repair

With the TopFlight Mechanical Services time effective Valve Repair solution, you’re able to keep your valves up and running 24/7.

The Field Valve Repair Solution team from TopFlight Mechanical Services will service your Valves with the proper tools and equipment.

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Hot Tapping

TopFlight Mechanical Services provide Hot Tapping services as a SAFE and RELIABLE solution to avoid expensive and timely outages.

Hot Tapping, or Pressure Tapping, is the method of SAFETY making a connection to existing piping or pressure vessels without the interrupting or emptying of that section of pipe or vessel.

Technical Bolting

The importance of proper torque for bolted flange joint connections at TopFlight Mechanical Services goes beyond just getting the job done.  

TopFlight Mechanical Services can supply hands-on field service engineers and all torque equipment for SAFE bolting needs and a comprehensive bolting services that range from torquing to flange management.


Gas Leak Detection

TopFlight Mechanical Services provides an Optical Gas Imaging system and can help you detect Gas Leaks such as methane, sulfur hexafluoride, and hundreds of other industrial gases quickly, accurately, and safely, without shutting down systems.

From a regulatory perspective, companies must reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and workplace safety/OSHA standards must be met. In many instances, the gases themselves are expensive whether they’re a process input or final product. Gas leaks, therefore, are equivalent to lost profits. In addition to all the other reasons to find and stop them, TopFlight Mechanical Services will also prove you that it is a strong financial incentive to do so.

Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring

The state of the art INDUCTOSENSE – Permanent Installed Ultrasonic Sensor Technology is applied by TopFlight Mechanical Services for accurate monitoring of internal Corrosion and Erosion in pipework and vessels. Reducing manual intervention and saving costs, whilst integrating digitization.

TopFlight Mechanical Services is specialized in remote data management, allowing operators to effectively monitor their internal corrosion & erosion rates.

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Composite Reinforcement Application

Eliminate downtime and hot work, extend the life of a pipe, vessel or tank with Composite Reinforcement Technology from TopFlight Mechanical Services with a long lasting permanent Composite Repair or until to the next production stop, applied when the pipe or tank is still in service. 

Cold Welding and High Performance Polymers applications

TopFlight Mechanical Services is specialized in High Performance Cold-Welding Polymers that rebuild, repair, and protect your asset providing high abrasion, corrosion, mechanical and chemical resistance.


Line Isolations and Weld Testing

By utilizing the double block and bleed isolation tool TopFlight Mechanical Services perform the Line Isolation and once welding is complete perform the hydro-static-weld test with the same tool.